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The Best Cocktail To Pair With Vodka Sauce

When biting into a plate full of spaghetti with vodka sauce, you ideally get a mouthful of creamy, sweet, and acidic pasta. In part, that's thanks to the alcohol, which can draw out fruity aromas and even add a hint of heat to the meal. You may wonder, then, with a vodka-heavy sauce, if your best bet is to use the same alcohol in an accompanying cocktail.
Since the meal features robust ripe tomatoes, you may also be tempted to pour a bold red wine. Based on the advice of Nathan Grunow, Wine Dire...

Start Grilling Pickles This Summer For Incredible Smoky Notes

It's amazing how a few minutes on the grill can transform even the most familiar foods into something new. We're used to applying smoky magic to our proteins and produce, but there's another cookout-friendly food that could use a touch of heat. Pickles, when given a caramelizing char, taste smoky but don't lose the nuanced flavors of their brine.
There are tons of approaches to making them at home. You can either grill cucumbers before you move on to making a quick pickle, or place fermented spe...

The International McFlurry Flavor That Is Making A Jump To US Stores

The wait is over, America! McDonald's popular international treat, the Kit Kat McFlurry, is hitting stores nationwide starting July 10. The U.S. version does the dessert one better though, adding in the flavors of a tried and true ice cream shop staple. Called the Kit Kat Banana Split McFlurry, the new launch features the company's beloved soft serve blended together with real banana, crunchy strawberry-flavored clusters, and Kit Kat bits. And, of course, it's thick enough to eat by the spoonful...

Store-Bought Pie Crust Is The Gateway To Easy Homemade Pop-Tarts

Breakfasters of all ages can find a certain joy in ripping open a silver package of Pop-Tarts. For some, it's nostalgia, and for others, it's the delightful start of a sweet meal. As eaters get older, though, they begin to ask an enduring question: Why doesn't the frosting cover the entire pastry?
We can't settle this ongoing dispute, but we can suggest the next best thing. Make your own Pop-Tarts with little effort and a handful of store-bought ingredients. The DIY breakfast is as easy as buyin...

The One Ingredient Ree Drummond Adds To Upgrade Store-Bought Saltines

Saltines are the white sneakers of the food world: They're simple, versatile, and go with pretty much anything. These salted, crispy bites have a retro feel — in part because commercial production of the crackers dates back to the 1800s — but they remain a favorite in modern households. No matter how much you like them plain, though, you might find that The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's elevated saltine recipe is even better.
Drummond knows how to transform these soup or salad buddies into a zing...

The Important Tip That Could Make Or Break Your Grilled Pineapple

Grilled pineapple is sweet, tender, and a touch smoky. Or, at least, it should be. The best version of the charred fruit heightens its natural caramel notes and sugars, but only when it's prepared the right way.
The secret is not in the way you chop pineapple or its marinade, but in the fruit itself. For the best possible grilled pineapple, you need to use the freshest, ripest produce possible. If it tastes delicious when you slice into it, it'll taste even better after a brush with some flames....

The Best Whiskey Cocktail To Sip Alongside Barbecue

Whiskey, smoke, and an open yard sound like the start of a country song, but you don't have to be a cowboy to appreciate the combo of strong brown liquor with backyard barbecue. While it may be classic to pair beer with barbecued ribs and brisket, a more robust and aromatic spirit better complements the char of the grill. All sorts of whiskeys, from blended to bourbon to rye, offer notes of smoke, caramel, pepper, and warm spices, which can open up your palate to the deep flavors of spice rubs a...

Fish Sticks Are The Key To A Low Maintenance Taco Night

Fish Sticks Are The Key To A Low Maintenance Taco Night

Fish sticks are often overlooked or relegated to the kids' table, but it's time to give these mild, crispy treats another chance. They're budget-friendly, a breeze to prepare, and play well with other ingredients. We suggest keeping a bag in your freezer for when a hankering for fish tacos strikes.

In lieu of buying, battering, and frying a whole fish or fresh filets, fish sticks create delicious tacos in a snap. Any type will work well w

The Temperature Tip For Perfectly Crispy Country Fried Steak

The best country fried steak offers a crispy golden crust and meltingly tender beef. As any seasoned frier knows, this is easier said than done. Although cooks rightfully place a lot of emphasis on the tastiest seasonings for their flour dredge, the frying process requires just as much thought, planning, and care to produce a standout meal.

We turned to expert Bob Bennett, head chef of Zingerman's Roadhouse, for his tips for cooking the perfect country fried steak. He told Food Republic that th

The Best Potatoes To Use For Grilling, According To An Expert

The Best Potatoes To Use For Grilling, According To An Expert

Potatoes show off all their best qualities — soft and fluffy on the inside, crispy and browned on the outside — when introduced to your backyard best friend, the grill. They only need a quick sizzle to absorb a hint of smoke that pairs deliciously with entrees like a perfectly grilled skirt steak. However, to achieve the tastiest flame-kissed spuds, you'll want to choose the right type of potato.

Grilling expert Max Daniel, chef of

Ree Drummond's Major Tip For A Successful Layered Salad

Layered salads are one retro food that's due for a comeback. Aesthetically pleasing and delicious, these 1950s-era dishes are similar to a seven-layer dip. Layers of veggies, cheese, and more are assembled in a clear bowl or trifle dish to show off each ingredient. Since '50s foods are having a revival, why not try your hand at making this show-stopper using pro chef Ree Drummond's help?

Whether you have a beloved family recipe for layered salad or you're a newcomer, you'll want to try the Pion

Add Tomato Juice To Your Next Summer Margarita To Bring Out The Tequila's Flavor

Add Tomato Juice To Your Next Summer Margarita To Bring Out The Tequila's Flavor There's no doubt that sweet, umami-rich tomatoes are well-overdue for a cocktail makeover. We'll happily sip a bloody maria, but tomato juice and tequila can do much more. Look no further than the margarita (cocktail, not pizza), where summer produce shines alongside this crisp liquor. An easy starting point when incorporating the fruit is to combine store-bought or homemade tomato juice with a sweet simple syrup or

How Bobby Flay Keeps Food From Falling Through The Grill Grates

How Bobby Flay Keeps Food From Falling Through The Grill Grates As nimble as you may be with tongs and a spatula, there are some spindly vegetables and petite proteins that inevitably will always slip through the grill grates. Rather than testing your reflexes, we suggest following in the footsteps of celebrity chef Bobby Flay. The grilling expert recommends a simple solution to avoid lost food: Cut larger portions of vegetables and meat. That's right, the answer is as simple as slicing produce

Yes, Your Blender Can Actually Clean Itself

Yes, Your Blender Can Actually Clean Itself When it comes to using the blender, one of the biggest barriers to entry is the cleanup. Many cooks are reluctant to add another appliance to their pile of dirty dishes — especially one with sharp blades at the bottom. We're happy to report that intrepid smoothie and cocktail makers can ditch the sponge in favor of an easy, hands-off cleaning method. Once you finish blitzing, give the empty plastic a quick rinse to remove any larger bits of stuck-on fo

How To Prevent Your Cooked Meat From Drying Out When You Reheat It

How To Prevent Your Cooked Meat From Drying Out When You Reheat It

Meal prepping can help cooks save money and time, reduce weeknight stress, and maintain a balanced diet. Cooking food, particularly meat, ahead of time ensures a fridge packed with helpful, flavorful ingredients. However, you may find it frustrating to labor over a juicy roast chicken or a succulent pork shoulder, only to find yourself with a container full of dry or stringy leftovers the next day.

Before you give up on making

A Chef Shares The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make When Grilling Steak

First-time or first-in-a-long-time grillers may find it challenging to whip up a flavorful, seared steak on their first try. To make things easier, Food Republic asked expert CJ Jacobson, chef partner at Aba and Ema restaurants, for his advice. "Grilling is a direct, high heat cooking technique, so the most important thing is to be able to get a grill hot," he said. "Once a steak has proper char marks on each side, I like to cook a steak on a cooler part of the grill to bring the center up to th

Anthony Bourdain's Controversial Opinion On Frito Pie

If you're not a New Mexican or a Texan, your first introduction to the Frito pie may have been when Anthony Bourdain panned the dish on national TV. Bourdain visited Santa Fe's Five & Dime General Store for a taste of the food on his show "Parts Unknown" in 2013. Newcomers may have learned about the basics of the pie: It's made by slicing open a small bag of Fritos Original Corn Chips lengthwise and ladling chili sauce, shredded cheese, and diced raw onion on top. Viewers also left the televised

Why Andrew Zimmern Never Trims His Brisket

Why Andrew Zimmern Never Trims His Brisket

The magic of homemade braised brisket is in its meltingly tender flesh and rich sauce. Those experienced in brisket know that achieving a juicy, soft texture requires a slow cook. What many may not realize, however, is they're making the job harder when they fully trim their beef before cooking it.

That's why chef and former "Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern advocates on behalf of the fat cap, the layer of white fat attached to the top of the briske

How To Cut Up A Watermelon To Make A Stunning Cake

How To Cut Up A Watermelon To Make A Stunning Cake

Fruit salad is about to become the main event at your next party. Social media has reimagined the dessert side dish into a glamorous layer cake. Although we'll never fully retire the classic bowl of cut-up melons and berries — or the handy pre-made grocery store version — we're eager to cut a slice of watermelon cake.

To make one of these stunning desserts at home, you'll first have to decide if you want multiple layers or a single tall round.

Why Boiling Corn With The Husk On Is A Game Changer

Why Boiling Corn With The Husk On Is A Game Changer

No matter how hard you try, shucking raw corn always ends up making a mess. The annoying corn silk goes flying everywhere but inside the trash can, and, despite your meticulous efforts, you somehow still end up with strands in your teeth. It doesn't have to be like this — a game-changing approach to shucking corn makes the whole prep process easy.

Instead of sitting down with a paper bag loaded with cobs and going to work, heat up a large pot

The Viral 4-Ingredient Cheez-It Dupe That Looks Even Better Than The Real Thing

The Viral 4-Ingredient Cheez-It Dupe That Looks Even Better Than The Real Thing

Home cooks itching for a project should consider taking on the beloved Cheez-It. The cheesy, salty snack is delicious right from the box, but the food is surprisingly easy to make at home. All you need is cheese, butter, flour, and salt. Best of all, a mere eight-ounce block of cheese and one cup of flour will yield anywhere from 60 to 180 of the bites, depending on how thinly you roll the dough.

The homemade dupe

The Trick Ina Garten Uses When Grilling Oysters

The Trick Ina Garten Uses When Grilling Oysters After a long summer day, a briny chilled oyster can whet the appetite and kick off a sunset meal. Some diners think of the aquatic creatures as a happy hour treat, since many restaurants will offer by-the-shell deals. However, hostess and expert chef Ina Garten prefers to offer the bivalve as a barbecue appetizer hot off the grill. She takes a more sophisticated modern approach, opening the fresh seafood and adding heaps of garlic, butter, citrus,

Andrew Zimmern's Favorite Hot Sauces Really Pack A Punch

When a famed chef with 150 hot sauces in his possession dishes on his family's favorite bottles, we listen up. And when these spicy recommendations come from former host of "Bizarre Foods," Andrew Zimmern, we know he's not about to wax poetic about generic brands like Tabasco. Zimmern has taken to the internet to offer fans a glimpse at two pleasantly piquant condiments that have charmed the chef and his family.

Zimmern first showcases a bright orange Portuguese hot sauce called Mazi Piri Piri.
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